Pallet / divider washers

In our experience we know that pallets and dividers are very heavily polluted due to intensive use. If you have strict hygiene standards and you want your pallet and dividers cleaned easily, whether you clean just a couple of pallets a day or hundreds per hour, UNIKON® provides the perfect washing result.

We developed and built our pallet / divider washing machines to be fully tailored to your potential needs. From compact, manually operated to fully automatic washing machines we can customize to suit production line integrated solutions. Even when choosing components, we can take into account your preferences (for example for reasons of standardization).

Our standard pallet washer has a capacity of 50 to 100 pallets / dividers per hour. At high speed all contamination is removed. The low entry height makes these machines very user-friendly. Washes and cleans your dividers and pallets quickly and efficiently!

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