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UNIKON industrial washing & drying systems!

Tailored for Your Needs!

Are you constantly challenged by the need to efficiently and thoroughly clean utensils, crates, trays, pallets, bins, or any other carriers? Look no further than UNIKON industrial washing & drying systems. With years of experience in developing, building, and selling washing & drying machines for industrial applications worldwide, UNIKON is your partner in achieving high hygiene at low costs.

We understand that every company has unique cleaning needs. No matter what product carrier or level of pollution, there is a UNIKON industrial washing & drying system designed to meet your specific requirements. Our systems are not only powerful and low maintenance but also customizable to ensure you get the cleaning and hygiene results you need every day.

Explore our diverse systems, or contact us for a bespoke quotation tailored to your unique needs.

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Cleaning starts with listening, Challenge us with your cleaning challenge. Whether it’s about extreme fouling, vulnerability of the objects to be washed, a high processing speed, limited available space or requirements in the field of sustainability; the UNIKON designers and design engineers are up for any type of challenge. All UNIKON systems are custom-made solutions based on your catalogue of requirements.

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