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Clever adaptations turn one machine into a versatile all-rounder

Clever alternation of speed and spraying power
Cold meats sector, the Netherlands

The washing of crates and various types of meat moulds.


  • One machine with multiple functions.
  • Must be able to clean the highly crusted moulds as well as high numbers of crates.
  • Both products not only differ in fouling, but also in size.

UNIKON solution:

  • A transport speed that can be set to very low as well as very high.
  • Special spraying nozzles to remove the heavy fouling from the moulds at a low transport speed.
  • And large numbers of lightly fouled crates at a high speed.
  • Shutting down specific nozzles when the objects are small/lightly fouled.
  • This to reserve the high washing power for the objects with extreme fouling
  • and in this way saving energy and water.

“According to the client there were many positive reactions from the staff who used to wash the moulds each day, mostly by hand and with the use of chemicals. In the long-term the number of people reporting sick due to heavy and mind-numbing work decreases.”

Manager UNIKON

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