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Save time and manpower by using one machine

Extremely fouled stacked crates restacked after cleaning
Meat processing company, Norway

Installation for washing plastic meat crates.


  • Unstack.
  • Remove extreme fouling (large pieces and dried-up meat)
  • Dry.
  • Restack.

UNIKON solution:
We configured a machine that allows the customer to load the crates in stacks and that will discharge the crates in stacks once they are ready. The entire washing and drying process will take place in a closed space so that the operator can only access the load or discharge conveyor (buffer conveyor). The customer made high demands of the drying result which is why we opted for the in-line spinner which forces the moisture from the crates using centrifugal force.

“The client approached our agent in Norway. The reason why they chose us was because of our spin-dryer and the flexible and modular manner of building. By the way, this was the second project for this customer in just a few months.”

International Sales Engineer UNIKON

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