• Clever alternation of speed and spraying power
    One machine becomes the versatile all-rounder for various objects with various types of fouling.
  • Automatic unstacking, cleaning and restacking of extremely dirty crates
    A clean stack in no time at all thanks to clever technology.
  • The unequalled centrifugal force of the ‘spinner’
    Various pallet sizes dry in no time at all.

The cleanest link in your production process

The Powerful UNIKON washing and drying systems ensure optimal hygiene at essential moments during your production process. Your requirements, technical conditions and technical limitations are our point of departure. No matter which object you wish to clean (from pallets and moulds to knives) and how dirty they are; UNIKON will contribute to the high quality of your product by combining innovative power with craftsmanship.


Cleaning starts with listening, Challengeus with your cleaning problem. Whether it's about extreme fouling, vulnerability of the objects to be washed, a high processing speed, limited available space or requirements in the field of sustainability; the UNIKON designers and design engineers are up for any type of challenge. All UNIKON systems are custom-made solutions based on your catalogue of requirements
    Cleaning problem
    Creative engineering
    Design and construction
    Building and testing
    Cleaning solution

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