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A wide range and variety of manufacturing, packaging and transport equipment are washed daily in the UNIKON industrial washing machines, from pallets and containers to chocolate moulds and cheese forms. Each component passes through the front of the washing machines to the back and come out clean. Large and small products, standard products or more varied products: you can wash everything in a UNIKON tunnel washer. The unique pivoting washing system removes even the toughest soiling.

We design and build tailor made washing machines, tailored to your specific needs and integrated into your production environment. So we can provide the correct solution for washing and logistics of your products. We provide an industrial washing machine with the capacity you need not just what is available, from one to thousands of pieces per hour.
Even when choosing control components, we can help with your preferences e.g.: for reasons of standardization

Contact us for a tailor made quotation for your needs.

Industrial tunnel washer
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