Sector-specific cleaning solutions

Each sector has its own cleaning challenges. From the dried-up dirt on meat crates to oil spill on damping tubes of shock absorbers. UNIKON combines all the experience it had gained in the past 50 years in various sectors and has a solution for each type of industrial fouling. Via a specially developed process for all types of fouling we guarantee optimal hygiene at any moment in the production process.
Our systems contribute to the high quality of the products of our worldwide clientele in nearly all sectors. This is something we are very proud of.

  • Perfectly clean vegetable crates thanks to unique Pivo system

    Quick throughput, double the power

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  • Control room-operated powerful and compact system

    Stainless steel containers free of frozen vegetable residue

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  • Washer installation according to strict HACCP regulations

    One machine spread over two separate washing areas

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