There is often a large amount of waste in retail environments and the packaging and transport equipment used is very diverse. You need a versatile industrial washer for everything you need to clean in an efficient manner - from (fold-in) crates and transport racks to catering and shopping trolleys. From very small to very big; UNIKON washing and drying systems ensure optimal washing and drying results. Fully automated systems that are geared for large quantities, or smart compact solutions for optimal hygiene of the smallest surface.

Unikon industrial washingmachine for retail
Industrial washer for airplane trolleys

Clever and compact cleaning system for inflight trolleys

Cleaning of even the smallest surface
Airline company/small airport, Russia

What: Installation for washing inflight catering trolleys


  • Washing both the inside and outside of the various trolleys.
  • Many nooks and crannies, moving parts.
  • Small footprint.
  • Simple operation.

UNIKON solution:

  • Compact washer with low access for the easy entry and exit of the trolleys.
  • Batch-wise washing of trolleys because of low capacity and consumption.
  • One-person operation.
  • Small investment.

A mobile washing installation for 10 shopping trolleys at a time 

Let the mobile washing unit come to you!
Specialist retail service provider, the Netherlands

What: Washing shopping trolleys and baskets at the location.


  • Washing 100 dirty shopping trolleys per hour covered in all sorts of fouling and in all possible versions.
  • Difficult to clean: nooks and crannies, fold-in children's seats, wheels.
  • The washing unit must be mobile and 100% self-supporting, enabling the washing to take place at the location of the customer.

UNIKON solution:

We have built a washer in a bus with a generator and tanks for clean and dirty water. The washer is built in such a way that it can handle 10 shopping trolleys at a time, where the trolleys are pushed together and fitted into a rotating frame. During washing the frame will turn over, ensuring that the bottom, wheels and all nooks and crannies are also properly washed. Due to the fact that the unit washes ten trolleys at a time, the washing time is relatively long so that the fouling can loosen and be easily removed. With a perfect result!

Industrial washer for shopping carts
Industriële wasmachines for shopping carts
Industrial washer for airplane trolleys
Industrial washer for retail
industrial washers service

Service and maintenance

If you choose a UNIKON industrial washing machine you can guarantee yourself the best service. Servicing is not a side issue UNIKON. In fact, our service manager and service staff is the core of our business. We know how important it is to avoid problems or quickly resolve them. Your logistics and production processes cannot be hindered by a defect in your industrial washing machine.


  • Our service department is always available for remote support
  • We offer fast on-site maintenance and repair
  • We deliver standard spare parts directly from stock

Why not take out a service contract!

With a service contract you assure yourself of the best service and you will receive discount on mileage, labor costs and spare parts. Because we also provide preventative maintenance your industrial washing machine will stay reliable and continue to operate - even with extensive use.

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