A hi-tech solution to replace an out-dated installation

Industrial Cleaning spread over different levels
Lard rendering business and gelatine producer, Switzerland

What: Washing system for plastic pallet boxes and stainless steel containers with lard.


  • In the place of the existing, out-dated machine.
  • Square loading of the products to be washed fitted between 2 existing dump containers.
  • Loading from the ground with a short angular entry to accommodate pallet trucks used for loading.
  • Capacity set so that trucks have a maximum waiting time of 45 minutes, as in dumping, cleaning and loading.
  • 42 products to be cleaned per hour.

UNIKON solution:

  • The machine on the relevant floor and the water tank in the basement.
  • 2 rotating filters with a mutual capacity of > 4.5M³ water per minute.
  • Square lift transport, developed in-house.
  • Rotating washing cylinder with a capacity of 2 products per washing cycle.
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