No less than 2000 E2 meat crates per hour!

Failproof high capacity sticker remover
Contract cleaning company for the meat industry, the Netherlands

What: The removal of registration stickers from E2 meat crates.


  • Removing the stickers from 2000 E2 crates per hour.
  • Stickers can be placed on the two short sides at any random spot.
  • Prevent an increased usage of water.
  • Prevent failures as a result of sticker residue flying about.
  • Low maintenance costs.

UNIKON solution: A double track machine to spray off the stickers during the pre-wash at a low pressure as a result of the combined functioning of the number of nozzles, quantity of water and setting.
As the sticker remains are discharged via a drum filter, the maintenance of the pumps is relatively low. If we were to remove the stickers in the traditional way, using a high pressure milling cutter, the usage of clean water would be extremely high, as well as the maintenance costs. Cleaning the machine would take a lot of time due to sprayed off sticker residue left behind.

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