Removing metal particles and an anti-rust treatment

100% Cleaning and drying of shock absorbers in a limited space
Market leader in shock absorbers, Europe

What: Washing and drying installation for shock absorbers and shock absorber damping tubes.


  • Remove minuscule small metal particles from damping tubes left behind in the production process.
  • Treat the material in such a way that rust will occur less quickly and/or the paint will adhere better.
  • 100% drying result of the shock absorbers and damping tubes.
  • Limited space, so a small footprint.
  • Filter the metal particles from the wash water.

UNIKON solution:

  • Washing the shock absorbers and damping tubes in special washing baskets (product carriers) in a continuous process (baskets will continue to circulate in the machine).
  • A special transport system where the empty washing baskets are returned to the input side of the washer.
  • Special filtering system for filtering the wash water to collect metal particles.
  • Wash cycles with special soap/chemicals for washing and treating the metal surfaces of shock absorbers and damping tubes against rust and for an even better adhesion of the paint.
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