The unequalled centrifugal force of the ‘spinner’

Various pallet sizes dry in no time at all
Contract cleaning company for the pharmaceutical industry/high quality foods, The Netherlands

What: A washing and drying installation for different model pallets in various sizes.


Formerly, the customer had to stack the pallets crosswise to allow them to dry. Once fully dry, they were wrapped in foil and readied for transport. This operation took so much time that the customers asked UNIKON to develop a washing and drying system with a drying result of < 5 grams per pallet.

UNIKON solution:

The development of a drying system that dries the pallets using centrifugal force. The ultimate result is less than the agreed upon 5 grams. After washing and drying, the pallets can immediately be stacked and wrapped in foil.

The energy consumption has been reduced to a fraction of the normal consumption. 

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