Ultra-Dutch reliability

50 years of expertise, continuous innovation, high quality technology and the very best materials and components all come together in the industrial washers and dryers of UNIKON. Our clients come from all sectors and continents and all they want is this; optimal hygiene at the lowest possible cost.

We develop and build all our systems ourselves in our Dutch branch, from technical concept to construction, operating technology and software. As our lines of communication are short, we can be extremely flexible. We develop in close collaboration with the technicians of our clients, or with partners who design and build production sites and production lines for our clients. Our fully qualified staff assembles the systems on location.

We, at UNIKON, are very fond of dependable solutions. We will always opt for first class materials and a technical operating installation that totally limits the chance of failures. We've ensured easy maintenance. Parts can always be ordered and we can provide any service are the location, if necessary. Thanks to the long shelf live of our systems - 20 years is no exception! - we have a large an loyal group of customers.

Why opt for UNIKON?

  • Innovation and craftsmanship
  • Our own technical inventions/discoveries
  • Custom-made solutions
  • High quality materials and technology
  • Energy-efficient and durable
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Parts available separately
  • Worldwide service
  • Flexible and customer-oriented

Our team

Cleaning starts with listening, Our international Sales Engineers have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field of 'industrial cleaning' and will provide excellent advice. The communication lines with the technical developers, draughtsmen and design engineers are very short. This keeps our team on their toes and guarantees the flexibility of our organisation.


International dealer network

In addition to our own International Sales Engineers, UNIKON collaborates with a worldwide network of loyal and very competent dealers. In this way our advice, sales and service are always close to market.

Our service

In addition to the experienced service engineers of local dealers, UNIKON has its own service department with a team of professional technicians. Their involvement ranges from the installation and supervision of new systems to maintenance and the full revision of 'aged' systems. Also, part of our delivery process is the training of your staff on-site. All machine parts are obviously available separately and are easy to order. Our Service Desk is ready and waiting for you.

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