Reuse of rinse water

How sustainable do you want to be?

Cabinet washers

Industrial business from all over the world use UNIKON cabinet washers. Just like you they opted for high quality industrial washers that can get the job done. After all, there is a reason why our cabinet washers are made of the best materials available and toughest components. One way to recognise our cabinet washers is by their stainless steel pumps. The continuity of your production process must, after all, be ensured. We have been building industrial washers since 1968 based on this philosophy. Experience has shown that UNIKON cabinet washers will continue to function reliably!

You can clean everything in a UNIKON cabinet washer; from transport and packaging equipment to production equipment. We will gladly custom-make your cabinet washer. In respect of standardisation, for example, we could take your preference where components are concerned into account. We love to be inspired by your challenges.


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