Dirt doesn't stand a chance against pivoting nozzles

The Pivo system, an invention by UNIKON.

Crate washers

Do you use crates for packaging? You would then want to have sufficient clean crates at your disposal each day. Crates that, once quickly and thoroughly cleaned, meet your hygiene standards and are, again, available for the logistics or production process. The solution is a UNIKON industrial crate washer. 

It may suffice to have a crate washer with a manual feed. UNIKON developed ideal industrial washers for this purpose. However, you may want a fully automated system for cleaning large quantities of crates. We have the right crate washer for that as well. No matter what your requirements are, we have a custom-made solution for you. Washers for one or for different types of crates. For small or large crates. For lightly or severely fouled crates. Freestanding or fully integrated into your production line. In respect of standardisation, for example, we could take your preference where components are concerned into account.


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