Tunnel washing units

The most diverse production, packaging and transport equipment is washed every day in UNIKON tunnel washing units. From pallets and containers to chocolate and cheese moulds. Dirty upon entry and clean upon exit. Large and small products, standard products or continuously varying products; you can wash everything in a UNIKON. Thanks to the unique pivoting nozzle system fitted in many of our washers, even the most serious fouling is removed. For your specific industrial fouling, we will compile a clever and phased washing programme.

We develop and build custom-made washers. Fully attuned to your specific needs and integrated into your production environment. In this respect we also have great solutions for the intake and discharge of products. We will supply an industrial washer with the capacity you require. From one to thousands of products per hour. In respect of standardisation, for example, we could take your preference where components are concerned into account.


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