The art of the ultimate washing and drying programme

In order to remove persistent, ingrained or complex industrial chemical fouling, UNIKON can deploy a wide range of equipment. It is, however, all about the right mix. All aspects of the process will be carefully tested by our technicians: the duration and intensity of pre-rinsing, the appropriate soap or chemicals, a possible soak period, a main wash with other solvents, small or large volumes of water, water power and the temperature of the water. Only a very clever recipe will providethe optimal result.

We can filter the rinse water of large or minuscule particles. In this way the water can be reused and the filter residue further processed.

In the event that the product needs drying, UNIKON can agian offer a choice of methods. The size, strength, position and placement of air knives determine the effect of the drying process. And with its ultra-fast rotations, the unprecedented centrifugal force of our in-line 'spinner' knocks the very last bit of moisture from your pallet or tray. Blowing or spinning: UNIKON ensures a 100% drying result.

Based on your requirements, our engineers will gladly determine the best components thus ensuring a top perform of your UNIKON washing and drying system.

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