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Industrial washers


A UNIKON washing and drying system ensures optimal hygiene at any desired moment in your production process. At one place or more. For various products, product carriers or transportation equipment. With or without drying and at the desired speed. By taking the available space into consideration although we can also build at different levels or in oddly shaped spaces. In developing your washing and drying systems we collaborate with your own technicians or with partners who handle the development and construction of your production line.


There is a UNIKON available for any type of industrial fouling. How big or small the available space is doesn’t matter. In addition to complete washing units, UNIKON also builds compact systems that deliver the desired washing and drying result thanks to a clevery developed washing process. Either fully automated, or easy to operate by one person.


Once our Sales Engineers have a full picture of your requirements and needs our technical developers will erupt into action to create a system for you that will handle your products or product carriers with care, supplies the desired degree of hygiene and dryness, achieves the required throughput speed, is water and energy efficient, noiseless and durable and, to top it all, easy to maintain.

By combining many years of experience with craftmanship, UNIKON has developed modules that have amply proven their value in practice. Modular building makes for flexible solutions that also have a shorter delivery time.