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Container Washing Machines

If you strive for optimal hygiene during the production process, it is important that the containers you use are also clean. Only then can you guarantee hygiene throughout the entire process. A UNIKON container washer will help you with this. Without much effort you will improve your process. Whether you use containers according to standards or company-specific containers, UNIKON ensures that they are cleaned with a custom-made container washer. That is the advantage of customisation.

No matter how you want to wash your containers

We tailor your container washing machine to the type of containers you use and the quantities you want to wash. For example, there are companies that only wash a few containers every day in a manually operated container washing machine. We have also developed container washing machines for companies that clean dozens of containers per hour. Fully automatic. One company washes one type of container in the UNIKON industrial washing machine. The other company washes containers of different models and sizes in one UNIKON machine. Even when choosing components, we can take your preference into account, for example from a standardization point of view.

Whatever your challenge, we can offer a tailor-made solution. This is based on our standard modules and their proven technology.

Different types of container washing machines:

With the ECO-BIN and ECO-BIN-TWIN, the standard trolley turns in the washing machine in a frame. In combination with the powerful spraying system, this guarantees optimum cleaning of the inside and outside, with the wheels certainly not being forgotten. Both 200 and 300 litre standard trolleys can be washed without adjustment. Automatic tilting is optional.

The K-series deals efficiently with water and energy. In combination with the powerful spray system, this guarantees optimum cleaning of the interior and exterior. You can also use the K-series for washing other products, such as drums, drums, bins, pallets, etc. In no time at all you can change the necessary holders.

The PRW-2000 is also a container washing machine that uses water and energy efficiently. The pallet container rotates in the machine. In combination with the powerful spraying system, we guarantee optimal cleaning of the inside and outside.

The advantages of a UNIKON container washer:

  • Clip-on nozzles, easy to adjust and easy to clean
  • Low investment with high efficiency
  • A-brand spare parts, available worldwide
  • Hygienic design
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Compact construction
  • Easy to use
  • Fully customizable to your wishes and requirements, also customer-specific
  • Long lifespan

Do you still have questions or would you like advice from our experts in the field of container washing machines? Please feel free to contact us.

UNIKON: for more than 50 years your (custom) solution in cleaning and drying!