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Spin Dryer for pallets

Complete new development

Are you looking for a drying machine for:

  • Plastic pallets?
  • Whole or half size pallets?
  • Other types of pallets

The Unikon Spin Dryer, also called centrifugal dryer or spinner, is a flexible, durable and innovative solution for drying various types of pallets after they have been washed.

But also crates, bread tins and baking trays can be spin dried effortlessly. For this we refer to our special product page. Click here

Pallet Spinner

By using a spin dryer you optimise your production process. The product carriers (pallets) can be returned to the production process immediately after drying. Because the products are dry, the application is much more hygienic and products are not affected by moisture. The machine has a very small footprint so that your space is used efficiently.

Up to 90% energy saving

The efficiency of the UNIKON Spin Dryer results in an energy saving of up to 90% compared to air dryers. The Spin Dryer offers an amazing drying result of up to only a few grams of moisture per unit. The dryer can be an extension to your existing washing machine and is effortlessly integrated into your existing washing process. The centrifugal dryer can also be supplied as part of a UNIKON washing installation, creating a complete washing and drying solution. Just tell us: how can we help you?

High drying result

The efficiency of the UNIKON Spin Dryer results in a drying result of only a few grams per unit. To achieve the same drying result with an blow dryer large ventilators are required that consume up to 90% more energy. If the spin dryer is compared with an air blower equipped with a standard ventilator the spin dryer will result in a drying result that is up to 5 times better.

Low noise level

The efficiency of the UNIKON Spin Dryer results in a machine with a very low noise level that is pleasant for the operator and other people present in the laundry room.

The UNIKON Spin Drying machine is:

  • flexible. Various sizes and types of pallets. Standard: Height 140-170mm. Special on request
  • multi-purpose: various types of pallets
  • compact. Very suitable to save space.
  • modular. Addition to existing washing process or part of new washing machine
  • efficient. Standard 150-170 products per hour
  • energy efficient. Consumption only 8,5 kWh. Up to 90% energy saving (depending on type and number of products)
  • effective. Maximum residual moisture a few grams per unit.
  • Quiet. Very low noise level compared to air blowers.