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Wheelchair washer

Wheelchairs and rollators are aids used by elderly people or people with disabilities. Wheelchairs are used to transport users who experience mobility challenges. Rollators and walkers provide users with stability while walking independently, enhancing their freedom of movement.

Rollators and wheelchairs should be cleaned and disinfected regularly, because they gather dirt and debris wherever they may roll. This not only affects the efficiency of the wheels and brakes, they can also become a breeding ground for bacteria and end up producing a nasty smell. Dirty wheelchairs and rollators pose a significant health risk for users as well as healthcare workers.

The Unikon Wheelchair Washer is a quick, efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for cleaning and disinfecting wheelchairs and rollators. Using closed-loop technology, the Unikon washer purifies the water flowing in the loop after every washing cycle.

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