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Wheelchair washer

In care, the elderly and sick often use wheelchairs. Those wheelchairs are pushed by a nurse or family member. If the user is still reasonably mobile, a rollator is a good alternative.

A rollator or wheelchair that is clean is highly desirable for hygiene and comfort reasons. The Dutch Inspectorate for Healthcare and Youth (IGJ) even prescribes a weekly cleaning. Dirt sticks to the wheelchair or rollator and attracts even more dirt. In addition to bacterial growth, this also creates a bad smell.

Infections and health risks lurk both for the elderly or sick and for the care provider.

The Unikon Wheelchair Washer offers a solution to clean and disinfect wheelchairs and rollators in a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Unikon uses a closed system so that the water is cleaned by the washing system itself during every washing cycle.

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