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No less than 2000 E2 meat crates per hour!

Failproof high capacity sticker remover
Contract cleaning company for the meat industry, the Netherlands

The removal of registration stickers from E2 meat crates.


  • Removing the stickers from 2000 E2 crates per hour.
  • Stickers can be placed on the two short sides at any random spot.
  • Prevent an increased usage of water.
  • Prevent failures as a result of sticker residue flying about.
  • Low maintenance costs.

UNIKON solution:
A double track machine to spray off the stickers during the pre-wash at a low pressure as a result of the combined functioning of the number of nozzles, quantity of water and setting.

As the sticker remains are discharged via a drum filter, the maintenance of the pumps is relatively low. If we were to remove the stickers in the traditional way, using a high pressure milling cutter, the usage of clean water would be extremely high, as well as the maintenance costs. Cleaning the machine would take a lot of time due to sprayed off sticker residue left behind.

A hi-tech solution to replace an out-dated installation

Industrial Cleaning spread over different levels
Lard rendering business and gelatine producer, Switzerland

Washing system for plastic pallet boxes and stainless steel containers with lard.


  • In the place of the existing, out-dated machine.
  • Square loading of the products to be washed fitted between 2 existing dump containers.
  • Loading from the ground with a short angular entry to accommodate pallet trucks used for loading.
  • Capacity set so that trucks have a maximum waiting time of 45 minutes, as in dumping, cleaning and loading.
  • 42 products to be cleaned per hour.

UNIKON solution:

  • The machine on the relevant floor and the water tank in the basement.
  • 2 rotating filters with a mutual capacity of > 4.5M³ water per minute.
  • Square lift transport, developed in-house.
  • Rotating washing cylinder with a capacity of 2 products per washing cycle.

Loose ham moulds and press sections at the same time, no securing needed

All-accepting unique transport system
Market leader in Ardennes ham, Belgium

Washer for washing aluminium ham moulds and press sections.


  • Suitable for different types of ham moulds and press sections without any setting adjustments.
  • Crusted, vulnerable moulds.
  • It must be possible to ‘throw in’ the products to be washed from a distance.

UNIKON solution:
UNIKON developed a unique transport system; a mesh conveyor instead of the regular chain transport. No hold-down but sufficient water pressure to keep the objects in their place during washing.

NEW – UNIKON deboning glove washing machine

In recent years requests have come out of the market for a glove washing machine, and in response Unikon has developed such a machine. This machine has undergone extensive testing and now Unikon proudly presents this innovative (deboning) glove washing machine to both the domestic and the foreign market.

With the development of this washing machine, we can now offer a solution to the market addressing the demand for cleaning the gloves used in the meat industry more thoroughly and in a more efficient manner. The release of this machine coincides with the intensified focus on hygiene, which are currently taking place in the meat sector.

Since the cleaning of the (deboning) gloves is currently primarily done manually; and it is time-consuming, labor-intensive and extremely unpleasant work; our washing machine provides great (savings) benefits for both the employer and the employee in a tight labor market!

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The advantages of the Unikon glove washing machine are


  • Both a visually and bacteriologically, clean result
  • A substantial saving in labor costs
  • Very low water consumption (only 0.4 L per glove)
  • A wash cycle of only 15 minutes (up to 50 gloves per cycle)
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reuse of the washing water by utilizing a built-in filter system
  • The possibility of drying
  • The guarantee of continuity through the use of A-brand parts, which are available worldwide
  • The globally available Unikon service
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Service and maintenance

If you choose a UNIKON industrial washing machine you can guarantee yourself the best service. Servicing is not a side issue at UNIKON. In fact, our service manager and service staff are the core of our business. We know how important it is to avoid problems or quickly resolve them. Your logistics and production processes cannot be hindered by a defect in your industrial washing machine.


  • Our service department is always available for remote support
  • We offer fast on-site maintenance and repair
  • We deliver standard spare parts directly from stock

Why not take out a service contract!
With a service contract you assure yourself of the best service and you will receive discount on mileage, labor costs and spare parts. Because we also provide preventative maintenance your industrial washing machine will stay reliable and continue to operate – even with extensive use.

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