For a hatchery hygiene is a critical condition. Only if you are sure of clean production, packaging and transport equipment, you are sure of continuity. Therefore, all equipment must be cleaned from emptied of eggshells, egg contents, and excrement. Superficial cleaning is not enough. That is precisely why increasing numbers of hatcheries choose UNIKON industrial washing machines. We guarantee the desired washing and drying results!

Unikon industrial washing machine for hatchery
Industrial washer for egg trays
Industrial washer for hatchery
Industrial washer for chicken crates
industrial washers service

Service and maintenance

If you choose a UNIKON industrial washing machine you can guarantee yourself the best service. Servicing is not a side issue UNIKON. In fact, our service manager and service staff is the core of our business. We know how important it is to avoid problems or quickly resolve them. Your logistics and production processes cannot be hindered by a defect in your industrial washing machine.


  • Our service department is always available for remote support
  • We offer fast on-site maintenance and repair
  • We deliver standard spare parts directly from stock

Why not take out a service contract!

With a service contract you assure yourself of the best service and you will receive discount on mileage, labor costs and spare parts. Because we also provide preventative maintenance your industrial washing machine will stay reliable and continue to operate - even with extensive use.

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