Meat industry

You are facing a double challenge if you are active in the meat industry. Strict hygiene standards on the one side and extreme fouling on the other. you could be confronted with protein foam  formation. Dried-up meat, blood and fat are very difficult to remove. And yet you want to clean your production, packaging and transport equipment quickly and efficiently. You can do that with UNIKON industrial washing and drying systems that are used by both large and small companies. UNIKON is considered a prominent supplier of washing and drying systems for the meat industry throughout the world.

  • Save time and manpower by using one machine

    Extremely fouled stacked crates restacked after cleaning

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  • A hi-tech solution to replace an out-dated installation

    Industrial Cleaning spread over different levels

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  • Loose ham moulds and press sections at the same time, no securing needed

    All-accepting unique transport system

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  • No less than 2000 E2 meat crates per hour!

    Failproof high capacity sticker remover

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